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About ICM

ICM was founded in 1997 and established as the first private genetic laboratory in Spain. It was created in the spirit of serving the medical community through the characterisation and molecular diagnosis of genetic conditions.

2020 is integrated into Atrys Health, a Spanish multinational founded in 2015 that provides precision medical diagnosis and treatment services and is a pioneer in the fields of telemedicine and next-generation radiotherapy.

Over the past 20 years, ICM has consolidated itself as a genetics reference centre, offering its services to a significant number of laboratories in Spain, public and private hospitals, universities and medical insurers.

Throughout this time, ICM has gradually been adopting the latest technologies in order to offer its customers the best diagnostic portfolio. ICM currently boasts a catalogue of more than 3,000 genetic tests, at very competitive prices and response times, all in adherence to the most stringent quality standards.


Our service. Advantages of ICM

Alta Tecnología

Cutting-edge technology

The development of next-generation sequencing technologies in recent years has meant that millions of DNA sequences can now be obtained at unprecedented speeds and at vastly reduced costs. These technologies allow new genes as well as new mutations that are responsible for genetic diseases to be identified, which has led the current revolution in postnatal and prenatal diagnostics.

ICM has remained at the forefront of all these advances and, with the intention of offering the best services of the highest quality to all their customers, has heavily invested in the most advanced technology on the market. 

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is one of these technologies, which ICM implements with the most advanced technological platforms.

In addition, high-capacity SNP platforms are provided for use in the field of preventive medicine and personalised genetics. This technology facilitates the detection of thousands of genetic variants that are analysed by our team of bioinformatics experts using state-of-the-art resources. Offering the best response times, highly confidential reports are then drawn up and issued to customers.

Ánalisis Genético Adaptado

Comprehensive Genetics Service

Throughout its 20 years of experience, ICM has been evaluating the most advanced technology to emerge at all stages, adopting all those that allow for the establishment and implementation of the best diagnostic solutions. As a result, ICM is able to produce almost any type of genetic test as it has invested in all the necessary technology for this purpose.

ICM provides specialists with comprehensive solutions specifically designed to cover all individual diagnostic needs.

The great diversity of ICM technology allows technical solutions adapted to each individual need to be adopted, in all cases supported by an expert team of advisors and geneticists.

  • PCR        
  • RT-PCR        
  • Q-PCR        
  • TP-PCR        
  • Digital PCR    
  • MLPA        
  • Cytogenetics    
  • FISH
  • QF-PCR
  • Sanger sequencing
  • NGS
  • Liquid biopsy
  • SNP array
  • Array CGH
  • GWAs

logo bioinformatica

Bioinformatics Unit

ICM has signed a strategic agreement with the bioinformatics company Helix BioS to develop Spain’s largest genomic data analysis platform with the capacity to process more than 15 Tb per week. Combining a system of data compression specifically designed for that purpose with a dedicated fibre network and powerful data analysis engines, ICM aims to transform the diagnostic panorama with the first clinical diagnostic unit based on whole-genome sequencing and long-read sequencing, thereby offering the greatest coverage and diagnostic precision at costs similar to classic NGS systems available up to now.

Sobre Helix BioS:
Helix BioS is an international bioinformatics company with its headquarters in Madrid. It provides analytical services for biological data and advice to industries and research groups in various sectors, including health, agriculture, mining and many more. Their international team has vast experience with biotechnology, genetics, biomedicine, computational technology, big data and artificial intelligence.

MISIÓN - icone


To consolidate our position as the leading genetics centre, with a team of expert geneticists and with the most advanced technology in order to provide the medical community and its patients with a wider catalogue of genetic diagnostic and preventive tests.

VISIÓN - Icone

Our vision

To make genetics an accessible tool for everyone and for all medical specialties, for personalised diagnosis and treatment, and for the prevention of genetic diseases.



Passionate. Committed. Knowledgeable. Professional. Competitive. Dedicated.

Management Team

A large company can only thrive thanks to its great foundation of workers. ICM is built on a team of professionals who have demonstrated their great worth throughout all these years as they have grown. Get to know us.

Santiago de Torres

Santiago de Torres

Executive President of Atrys

Isabel Lozano

Isabel Lozano

CEO of Atrys

José María Huch

José María Huch

CFO of Atrys

Dr. Severino González Roces

Severino González Roces

Chief Technical Officer of Genetics


ICM - Alfonso

Alfonso Alba Menéndez

Vice President of Genetics



  • 6 national research awards
  • 2 international research awards 
  • 1999 Gold Medal from the Official College of Physicians of Lugo
  • Gold Medal (Golden Ceremonial Spoon) from the College of Physicians of Peru
  • International Award. Top Ten Influencers in Vaccination. 2011. IFCPC
  • 2016 Ardán Award for the Business Management of High-Performing Companies. Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium. Treasury.

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