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Informed consent

Genetic testing provides patients with results for life that have implications not only for the individual but for his or her family, and these should always be complemented by genetic counselling. One of the tools that ensures genetic tests are developed in an appropriate environment is the informed consent document.

According to the Basic Law Regulating Patient Autonomy, “informed consent is the free, voluntary and conscious consent of a patient, expressed in full possession of his/her faculties, after receiving the adequate information, to perform a procedure affecting his/her health”.

ICM provides the patient with an informed consent document that the patient must sign before performing any genetic test.

Ícone 1 Download the informed consent document


Request sheet

In order to perform a genetic test, the ICM test request sheet must first be completed.

In addition, a clinical report from the patient containing the following information must be attached:

- medical recommendation for the test
- age
- gender
- patient’s condition
- symptoms (if applicable)
- family history of the condition
- indicate if there are previous genetic tests and attach the report if applicable.

All this information is necessary to enable the clinical geneticist to correctly interpret the results of the genetic test and to draw up an appropriate clinical report. 

Ícone 1 Download request sheet


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