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Panel Avanzado de Prevención de Cáncer
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Panel Avanzado de Prevención de Cáncer
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Panel avanzado de prevención de cáncer hereditario


Your genetic analysis for cancer prevention


Cancer in numbers

Cancer is a genetic disease, meaning it is caused by certain changes in the genes that control the function of our cells, specifically how they grow and divide.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Spain. More than 200,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

The most commonly diagnosed tumours in Spain in 2012 were colon cancer (32, 240 new cases), followed by prostate cancer (27,853 cases), lung cancer (26,715 new cases), breast cancer (25,215 new cases), and bladder cancer (13,789 new cases).

Who is this test designed for?

While genetic tests are recommended for detecting the risk of cancer in those with a family or personal history that indicates the presence of such a disease, according to the National Cancer Institute of the United States at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), genetic testing should be seriously considered for determining the risk of cancer when the following criteria are met relating to family or personal history, especially if two or more such criteria are present in combination:

  • Cancer diagnosis at an extremely young age.
  • Various types of cancer found in the same individual.
  • Cancer that has formed in both organs of an organ pair, such as in both kidneys or breasts.
  • Various blood relatives having the same type of cancer.
  • Extraordinary cases of a specific type of cancer (such as breast cancer in men).
  • The presence of congenital defects, such as certain benign tumours of the skin or abnormalities in bones that are associated with hereditary cancer syndromes.
  • Belonging to a racial or ethnic group known to be predisposed to certain hereditary cancer syndromes and having one or several of the characteristics indicated above.

Test characteristics

We provide two different panels, one for males and the other for females, since there are obviously differences between the two:

  • Global Panel for Female Cancer: Includes a study of 49 genes responsible for 16 types of cancer.
  • Global Panel for Male Cancer: Includes a study of 41 genes responsible for 15 types of cancer.

Advantages of the global cancer panel

The purpose of early detection is to diagnose cancer in those persons who do not present with symptoms.

The early detection of cancer enables the tumour to be treated in its initial stages, increasing the likelihood of curing the disease. Moreover, many tumours show no symptoms until the advanced stages, by which point the effectiveness of treatment is considerably reduced and curing the disease may be impossible. That is why the ideal scenario would be to detect all cancers in their early stages. If diagnosed early while still localised, there is a 70% to 90% chance of curing the cancer.

How is the study performed?

After taking a simple blood test, you will receive the results in just 15 days.

To undergo the test, call 902 121 054 or email genetica@e-icm.net and we will tell you how to proceed and direct you to your nearest laboratory. To undergo the genetic study, you must first complete the application form and sign the informed consent form.

Our genetic counsellors are here for you

ICM boasts a team of genetic counsellors to support you and answer any questions you may have, such as the risk of having a specific mutation, the risk of having cancer, whether or not genetic testing is suitable, the likelihood that your relatives may have the disease, etc.

You can count on them. They are there to help. Please email our team at pacientes@e-icm.net.

You could also attend a consultation with one of the geneticists of our group.

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