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Mee Nutrición. Test genético
250 €
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Mee Nutrición. Test genético
250 €
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Análisis genético del metabolismo nutricional y rendimiento físico


Personalises your diet and lifestyle based on your genes


“A healthy mind is a healthy body”

This famous saying was coined by the Romans and has been used by us since the 2nd century, becoming a standard of health and wellbeing.

The western lifestyle is characterised by work, poor diet, a lack of activity and doing things in a rush in the majority of cases. This has a negative impact on the energy balance in our bodies, with all the calories that we ingest and do not burn due to our sedentary lifestyles being stored as fat.

Obesity and being overweight are the world’s leading epidemics, with 350 million people suffering from obesity and 1.1 billion people being overweight.
The cause more than 2.8 million deaths every year and are also responsible for other diseases, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Premature death

Given this chilling data, health experts have decided to intervene by making society see the importance of self-care, recommending that they follow a balanced diet and lead an active life. This message has not fallen on deaf ears, with many people already changing how they live their lives, both in term of their diet as well as physical activity. Many people do so to lose weight and feel better, while others wish to remain in good physical shape.

You are different

Everyone has their own unique genetic profile. We all have our own genetic “ID” that makes us unique. Do you know yours? Did you know that how your metabolism responds to food and sport is written in your genes?

Knowing the genetic variants that identify you means that a personalised diet or specific type of physical activity that is ideal for you can be chosen, whether your goal is to lose weight or to look after yourself and stay in shape.

Everyone responds differently to the same foods or the same sport. Some people can eat what they want without gaining weight, some do a lot of sport without losing weight, while others gain weight simply by breathing. All of this is determined by our genes.

Why should we all follow the same diet if everyone’s response is different? Why should we all follow the same exercise regime if it’s not going to work the same for all of us? Many people have gone on a diet to lose weight without achieving the desired results, requiring a lot of physical and psychological energy. As a result, most diets last fewer than 2 months as they are abandoned when the desired weight loss is not achieved.

What does our test offer?

After years of scientific research into the interaction between genes and obesity, numerous genetic variants have been identified that affect:

  • Metabolic processes such as those involved in fat accumulation
  • Energy expenditure, such as the burning of fats and carbohydrates
  • The impact of exercise on weight loss

This genetic study determines the unique genetic profile of each individual, identifying each person’s predisposition to storing or burning fat, their ability to expend energy and their response to other factors that influence weight gain or weight loss. In short, it determines how your metabolism responds to different food groups and to physical activity.

This means that fully personalised diets and sports programmes can be designed just for you, enhancing your likelihood of success and adherence.

What does the test involve?

19 genetic variants of 15 genes related to metabolism and exercise are analysed. It will show you how you respond to different food groups and how to adapt your lifestyle accordingly.

Who is this test designed for?

This test is designed for anyone who wants to lose weight and anyone who is healthy but who wants to know how they respond to different food groups and to different sports, helping them to stay in shape and feel good.

How is the test performed?

After taking a simple blood test, you will receive the results in just 15 days.

To undergo the test, call 902 121 054 or email genetica@e-icm.net and we will tell you how to proceed and direct you to your nearest laboratory.

To undergo the genetic study, you must first complete the application form and sign the informed consent form.

Our genetic counsellors are here for you

ICM boasts a team of genetic counsellors to support you and answer any questions you may have, such as the risk of having a specific mutation, the risk of having cancer, whether or not genetic testing is suitable, the likelihood that your relatives may have the disease, etc.

You can count on them. They are there to help. Please email our team at pacientes@e-icm.net.

You could also attend a consultation with one of the geneticists of our group.

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